Use technology that facilitates accessibility

Technology oriented Frontend developer

It has been said that accessibility is not a technical issue, it is a social one. The technical aids are there and it is very possible to create accessible rich internet applications. However, it may take more time and it demands skills and knowledge about accessibility. This is expensive. Therefore using and promoting technology that facilitates accessibility and makes it "fast and easy" is important.

Libraries and frameworks

Use a framework that facilitates accessibility with:

  • WAI-ARIA compliance
  • Server rendering 
  • Warnings of inaccessible coding 
  • Components with keyboard support

Some frameworks might not be very good with accessibility, but offer external frameworks which adds accessibility on top.

A few possibilities are:

  • React (server rendering, warnings when writing inaccessible code)
  • jQuery (WAI-ARIA compliance and keyboard support)
  • Boostrap (Has a plug-in that adds accessibility to all their default plug-ins)

WARNING: Remember that you always have to check that plug-ins is accessible. Do not rely on the framework alone.

Web Components

Creating accessible Web Components will facilitate accessibility in the future through reuse of these components. How accessible a Web Component is, is up to the developer. Consider many of the same things as when creating RIAs in general:

  • Add WAI-ARIA
  • Resizable text
  • Give it an alternative text
  • Make sure it works without audio
  • Ensure keyboard functionality
  • Ensure it is manageable to operate with a screen reader

To learn about Web Components start by reading the W3C introduction. W3C also provides some good examples of Web Components.

When you want to start using Web Components the official website gives a general overview of:

  • specifications used in Web Components
  • libraries you can use to create your own Web Components
  • browser support
  • general discussion and community

The Web Components wiki gives information and provides links to tutorials for:

There are many other resources for information and examples.

You can also read more about creating accessible Web Components in the article Accessible Web Components.